About Us.
we care about keeping your online information safe. We started this because we saw how often personal details were getting exposed on the internet. Our team has built a tool that checks for these data leaks and lets you know if your information is out there. 
But we don't stop there. We also help by teaching you how to stay safe online and what to do if your details get leaked. We're here to help and make the online world a bit safer for everyone. Trusting us with your online safety is a big deal, and we promise to always do our best to protect you.
How to protect your self?
Data leaks are happening in our world single day, Millions of sensitive personal information are being leaked to the public. It can be dangerous to many people as we have many accounts like a bank, email, streaming, or gaming accounts linked to that information. In this guide, We will teach you the ways you can protect yourself from data breaches, or what should you do if your data is already leaked.

Did you come here because of an email from us? If so, your details were found in a recent data leak. Here's what to do right away:

-  Change passwords on all accounts that use the same email and password combo that was sent to your email
- Turn on 2-factor authentication (2FA) for extra safety.
You may be pondering the mechanisms that lead to such disconcerting breaches of personal data. Predominantly, these lapses occur when online platforms, where you've willingly shared your information, fail to uphold robust security measures. Sophisticated hackers, with their evolving tactics, exploit these vulnerabilities, harvesting vast amounts of data in the process.

Emphasizing the imperative nature of digital security, recent statistics are quite revealing. In the preceding year, a staggering number of individuals reported considerable financial losses owing to fraudulent activities and identity theft. With the technological prowess at their disposal, hackers are becoming increasingly adept at pursuing their most coveted asset: your passwords. Should they successfully procure yours, the repercussions could range from them depleting your financial reserves to manipulating your identity, establishing unauthorized accounts in your name.

Strategies for Fortifying Your Digital Passwords

Intricacy is Key: Envision your password as a labyrinthine enigma, designed to perplex and deter potential intruders. The more convoluted and multi-faceted your password, the more insurmountable it becomes for hackers to decode.

Engage Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Think of 2FA as an advanced security checkpoint for your digital domains. Beyond the rudimentary password, it necessitates an auxiliary verification step, such as a dynamically generated code relayed to your mobile device, fortifying your defense mechanisms.

Diversify Your Digital Keys: It's paramount to refrain from using a uniform password across multiple platforms. In the unfortunate event of one platform being compromised, having unique passwords ensures that the sanctity of your other accounts remains untainted.
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